November 13, 2019

It’s the Hair, Katie

On February 8, as her ratings began to rise, Katie Couric called into Howard Kurtz’s Reliable Source on CNN for an on-air interview. During that call, he asked her whether her new hairstyle had affected her ratings.

Really, her hair? I guess most of us only decided to watch her once she got that hair thing right (dripping sarcasm intended). How about her highly regarded interview of Governor (and then Vice Presidential candidate) Sarah Palin? Or the fact that at the end of the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination process in 2008, she had the courage to speak out on the air about the sexist commentary that had dogged Senator Hillary Clinton’s run for the nomination. Maybe it is the simple fact that after working her way up the television ranks, she has continued to try to produce a good news show. If you like hairstyles and you want information about hair here is the complete detail about hair Visit Here.

Kurtz should know better. Write and tell him that his question was not simply silly—it was insulting to professional women everywhere. Then, write to CNN and tell them that they need to stop this type of sexist commentary on their network or you will stop watching.

And, while you are at it, write to Katie Couric and thank her for standing up for Clinton (and therefore all women running for public office, not to mention the rest of us). More important, tell her that you watch her newscast because she is smart and experienced, not because you like her hair.